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from season #3 of You Know The Place.



Hap Tallman Stockman’s Supply

In the Marie Kondo era, LD and Joel ask the tough questions, like “How many boots does one need?” and “Does this lasso bring me joy?”


double decker espresso & The Tower grill

LD and Joel finally travel to the 2C, having a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun in a converted bus and lovely brunch in an airport cafe.


Crone’s Cupboard

Joel and LD spend some time at an interactive altar, chat with a witch, and learn that you don’t drink frankincense.


Roots zero waste market

The podcast’s first look at a “before” business, still in the process of building itself out (and branding itself in the process).


Boise army Navy

On the hunt for MREs, Joel and LD find the wool pant, mining gear, and lucha libre mask warehouse they didn’t know they were looking for.